The story of a photographer...

From an early age, I was always fascinated by people. Characters. Relationships. I would be lost in my imagination and loved to just 'people watch'. I have always been a creative and a sensitive soul. Someone who loves artistic expression.

Before picking up my camera professionally, I was a stage and screen actress for over 13 years. I was also a professional singer, presenter and voice over artist. (You can find out more below!)

The tides changed and my first born arrived. I wanted to do something else which held my creative heart, and I knew photography was my next passionate adventure.

Its been 6 years now and I love it! It gives me so much joy and expression, and I adore producing something so intimate and special for the wonderful people I have the pleasure of meeting and photographing.

So why chose me...

When choosing a photographer the main element is loving their work - thats a given! But what about how they are in response to you? How do they make you feel on the day? There has to be level of trust between you and your photographer. Not everyone loves having their photo taken, and that's ok. The camera captures honestly and so it is important you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident in front of the lens. Having been that person in front of the lens, I know it doesn't always come naturally. I want it to feel like I am a long lost friend who has just joined your family band wagon for the day! I'll join in on the fun; I can take control of the party if you wish; or I can just be a fly on the wall. I'll take the lead from you.

I should also mention I was a teacher and a children's entertainer! I would host childrens parties and present one-woman shows to over 400 primary aged school children. Making a connection with your children and babies are my first priority when meeting you. I let them lead the sessions. Whether they are jumping in muddy puddles with Nanny laughing in cheeky delight, building pillow dens with Daddy's legs poking out front, or cuddling up to mama after a little fall, those moments make for the best memories! When they are relaxed and familiar with this new person, mums and dads can be assured that we are all going to enjoy ourselves and get some great photos.

And most of all. I'm Human. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend. I want to provide something special for my clients as only I would do for myself. You could say I am a bit of a perfectionist. Well, I couldn't disagree with you there! All that I offer to you, is what I would want for myself.

My goal aim is to always make my clients feel as relaxed as they can be and to just have fun! Please enjoy it. That way we can capture some great moments that will be cherished memories for a long, long time.