Breastfeeding & Maternity

I was very fortunate to be able to breastfeed both my babies. I say fortunate because breastfeeding is amazing but hard. Giving birth can be the easy part! Breastfeeding with my first born came with many hurdles. My daughter was 80% tongue tied, we had to use nipple shields, and I suffered mastitis twice. But I felt determined. Over all the pain and sleepless nights, we came through and I adored being able to feed her! When I had my son and it was a lot easier and more like second nature. To me, Breastfeeding is extremely special.

One of my regrets was that I never got to document those special memories with a professional photoshoot. This is why I am so passionate about providing my breastfeeding mamas with a unique and celebrational shoot, full of all the little looks, the holding of hands, the squeezing of skin that we may forget about as our babes grow up.


"I had a Breastfeeding shoot with Lucy and I LOVE what she captured. Lucy made me feel really relaxed and was excellent with my older daughter who was in the photos with me and my baby. The photos are stunning and I will treasure them forever.
Massive thank you to Lucy for capturing this special time so beautifully."