Fire away!...

Here are a few questions my clients frequently ask me. However, please do get in touch if you have any queries not mentioned below.


Where will we have our shoot?

Good question! The majority of my shoots take place outdoors but I can come to your home.
It really is your choice. It's your shoot after all! Going to your favourite place, whether it be a beach, castle, park or home is the best. Somewhere that is special to you as a family and that you enjoy being around.

Depending on what type / style of shoot you'd like, we can have a good chat about where we would like to shoot.

What if it rains on our outdoor session?

Great question! I am a stickler for checking the MET Office website! I shall let you know what the weather forecast looks like a couple of days before the shoot. If it looks really awful I shall then do a final check the evening before.
The English weather is so unpredictable and changes so quickly. In the past 4 years I have only had to reschedule 4 sessions because of the weather!
I will always try to reschedule. Making sure you are not cold, wet or blown away is always my main priority. There's no fun in that!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, to secure your session date and time, I do ask for a non-refundable £50 deposit.
This will then come off your final bill.

On the day of your session, I will also ask for the remaining session fee. This covers the additional costs of your session with me,

After you have viewed your gallery online, you will be able to chose an add on Package depending on how many images you would like.

When can I expect to see my Gallery?

Within 2-3 weeks of your shoot you will receive an email link to my viewing website. Here you will be able to view all your edited photos online.

How will I receive the images?

Once you have chosen your final images, I will send you a secure email link, where you will be able to download your images safely onto your computer.
You will receive all images in screen and print formats.

Do you do collabrative shoots?

Yes, I love them! I have worked with some wonderful artists, party and event coordinators and models. I love how there's no limits and we all work together to create something amazing! So, if you are interested in collaborating, please email me some information.

We are not used to having our photo taken!

I hear this so often and it's ok! I mean, who is?! (Well, unless you're Beyonce!) But hey, having a photoshoot regularly isn't really the norm.
And that's why I want to make it as special, but equally 'normal' as we can.
You will get some amazing moments captured when we are all relaxed and just having fun.
I will give subtle direction, and will always be honest if your hair is doing something funny, you've got lipstick on your teeth or if your label is hanging out! But primarily it's about you being as natural as possible. And have fun!

I'm worried my child won't cooperate.

We are all human, and sometimes we just have 'off' days, babes included!
I was an actor and childrens entertainer for many years, so I believe I have some good know-hows to make sure children warm to me and feel they can relax around me. And we give them time. There's no pressure. When the atmosphere and mummies are relaxed children will soon do so too.

Heres a tip: You're welcome to bring a little snack for midway through an evening shoot if you think your child may need it. However, maybe hold off the sweets and high sugar snacks for after the shoot.

What happens if we are poorly and can't make the shoot?

These things happen, and I'd rather you were all feeling happy and healthy to get the best photos from your session.
We can always reschedule.
I always appreciate you telling me you or your child is under the weather as we don't want to expect too much of them if all they want to do is lay on the sofa having mummy cuddles rather than playing in the fields. I know I would!

As we are all aware, if you think you or any one in your family are showing signs or symptoms of Covid, please do let me know, so we can all keep safe.

What if I don't want my images shared online?

That's absolutely fine. I do not pressure my clients in any way to share their images online. I will always ask for written permission when you fill in your Booking Form.

Do you charge Mileage?

Yes, I do. I add a 75p per mile to anywhere over a 5 mile radius from RM11 3BT.

Can I hire one of your boho lace dresses?

Yes, of course! Please visit the Dress page on my website for more information.